When I was younger, I would watch a porno every day, and I was obsessed with it.

But the moment I turned 20, I stopped.

I had gotten a lot of really shitty grades, and it was hard to find work.

I was broke, and the bills kept coming.

When I decided to take a step back, I realized I had a lot to offer.

I would show my work to people who might want to get into the business.

And I was a pretty talented artist.

But I didn’t have the cash to pay for my art.

In the summer of 2010, I got an email from an agency looking to get an artist to work on their site.

I hadn’t signed on to anything yet, so I went to check it out.

I’m a really big fan of free porn, so it was really cool to see how the work looked, especially the porn I was actually making.

But it wasn’t a paid piece.

They were just looking for someone who would work on an instamovie.

They weren’t looking for a pornstar.

The agency was a porn company called Jules Jordan.

They wanted to make a porn site, and they wanted to put the porn on their website.

That’s when I knew I had to get involved.

In January 2011, I was living in LA, working in a tech startup.

I started writing a script called Porn Star, which was just a short story.

I wrote it in about five days, and in February, I started working on the script.

Jules had a good sense of humor, so he liked my take on the story.

And he liked that I was really interested in making porn.

He knew what the audience wanted.

So he invited me to a company called Digital Playground, and he brought me to his office.

He said, “You have to sign this contract.”

I didn�t know what to do.

I wasn’t familiar with how the company operated, so this was all new.

I signed the contract, and my manager called me in the middle of the night.

“What the fuck is this?”

I was in my bed, my phone was on speakerphone, and his voice was screaming at me.

“Are you the one that’s signing this contract?”

I said, “No.”

I was scared.

It sounded like a joke.

I said I wasn�t the one signing it.

He was like, “OK, well, if you are, you can go to the office, and you can tell your manager to call you back.”

And I went in, and this was the first time I felt like I was going to get hurt.

I didn?t want to do anything that would hurt my career.

I couldn?t get the fuck out of my bed and go to work.

Jools?s office was filled with stacks of paperwork and paperwork.

And at first, I didn.t want him to call me back.

He would tell me to call him back, and then he would call me.

He told me to go home, and that I should just call back and say, “No, I need to talk to you.”

I wanted to tell him that I didn?,t know how to work with him.

So I walked out of the office.

It was really strange.

He came back with a big stack of paperwork.

He looked at me, and said, “Well, I don?t think I know what I’m doing.”

I said to him, “That is weird, but it?s what you?re supposed to do.”

And he was like?

“Yeah, but you?ll have to explain it to me.”

And then he asked me why I wanted this.

He asked me, “So what?

I?m not supposed to make money?”

I didn??t understand what he was trying to say.

So, I walked into the office and he told me that he was going find out.

But then, he walked out.

At that point, Jules, who was my manager, had been fired from his job.

He went to his boss and told him, I have to tell you, this is insane.

I don,t know why this is happening.

And the boss said, ?

You need to make this right.

You need to get rid of Jules and this company.

I know you want to make movies, but what if they get hurt by what you do?

You need him to go.

I have a plan.

I?ve decided that I am going to sue Digital Playland and all of them, and make this movie.

And Jules went to a meeting with his lawyers, and a month later, the company filed a lawsuit.

It claimed that my script was not properly licensed.

They said that they couldn