When your mom’s boyfriend grabs your breasts, she will be ashamed.

When your boyfriend makes out with your naked body in public, you will be the laughingstock of the universe.

When you’re not wearing your underwear and you have no one to talk to, you’ll be considered a slut and will be ostracized.

You’ll get blamed for all the bad things your mother does.

Your boyfriend will get mad and say, “I can’t wait to have sex with you when you’re on the pill.”

He’ll say things like, “You don’t have a boyfriend.

I’ll have sex.”

Your mom will call you a slut for talking to your boyfriend.

Your mom will tell you that you’re just a dirty little slut.

My mother was raped by a man I was sleeping with, she said.

I was like, ‘Oh my god.

What did I do?

What did you say?

What do I do?’

“Your mother’s ex-boyfriend will tell her that he doesn’t like you because you’re too hot, you’re stupid, and he likes your boobs.

She’ll say, “”He’s a whore.

He’s a sluts whore.””

You’re a slut,” he’ll say.

You will be called a slut all the time.

Your mom’s friend will call your boyfriend a slut.

Your mother will say, “You don´t have a girlfriend.

I’m gonna fuck you.”

You will get raped all the way through college.

Your boyfriend will rape you.

And your mother will be raped by the guy you were sleeping with all along.

Her ex-partner will tell your mom to call him a slut, and she will.

A guy who is married to her will call her a whore, too.

He will call himself a slut while she’s being fucked in the ass.

At some point, your mother is going to tell you to stop talking to her.

You’ll call your mother a slut again, and then you’ll call her one last time.