On Friday, a hacker broke into the files of nude-themed porn site Stromsmark.

The company said the hack, which exposed over 1.5 million images and videos, took place around 6:30pm GMT.

It said the hackers broke into its servers from inside a data center. 

We’ve known for a while now that Strom was hacked by hackers in China, but it’s been more than a year since we’ve heard much about it.

We’ve seen the company’s website (and some of the hacked data) online for a few days, but no details on what sort of damage was done to it.

Strom has had an unusually high rate of incidents in the past year.

Last year, it suffered an embarrassing hack in which the company was targeted by hackers who compromised its own servers and used malware to compromise the company, according to security firm ESET.

That incident left over a billion dollars in damage, though that incident also saw the company announce that it would be shifting to new security measures.

Strome’s latest breach is the first time that hackers have managed to breach Strom’s servers.

That’s the company that’s been accused of selling pornographic material on the dark web for years now, and the company itself has been a target of cyberattacks in the United States, Europe, and Russia. 

StromsMark said in a statement that it is “extremely disappointed by the hack” and that it has taken immediate measures to secure its networks.

“Strom is taking immediate steps to prevent this from happening again and is actively investigating the cause of the incident,” the statement said. 

Earlier this week, Strom also posted on its blog that it had successfully patched a security hole that allowed hackers to take over its network.

“The breach was very successful, so we don’t think it’s likely we will have any more such incidents,” it said.

The hack is one of the biggest hacks in recent years.

In October 2015, a Russian hacker used an exploit in Microsoft’s Windows operating system to compromise Strom servers.

At the time, Strome had just announced it was shutting down its services.

Stroma said the breach had caused it to lose about $400,000 in revenue.