Instamodel is a new startup that’s launching an online service called Instamode.

The company says it’s “the most advanced social network for people of all ages.”

It’s the brainchild of a guy named James “Dizzy” Stinson, who has a penchant for making fun of the company’s users.

He wrote a series of videos about the site, which features a simple interface that you can tap on to change the color of a thumbnail, or a person’s face.

You can swipe up and down on a person, which changes the background and adds or subtracts a person.

“You can make someone into a doll, a princess, a robot, a gorilla, or an angel,” Stinson said in one video.

“Or you can make them into a cat.”

You can also select different colors for your thumbnail.

There are also a bunch of other customization options, including the ability to change a person on the spot.

“Themes are being built right now to help people discover the people in their life, but you have to do the work of finding the person themselves,” Stenson said.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time to be a social networker.”

Instamodes mission is to “make people feel like they can connect with a person through their pictures,” Stiller told Business Insider.

In an Instagram post, Stinson explained that Instamoda will let users upload their own images and “share them with anyone they choose.”

Stinson also said that his company wants to be “a community that celebrates individuality and diversity.”

The company is currently in beta testing, but Instamos CEO Mark Pincus told Business Week that it’s not a big deal because the service is “just a way to get people together in a place where they can interact with each other.”

Instams users are already using the service to find friends and to connect with their friends on other social networks, such as Instagram, Friendster, and Facebook.

The service is available for free to everyone.

“Instamode is a really cool way to meet new people and be social in the same place that’s happening on the internet,” Pincanus said.

You probably know that Instams features are “just for fun,” but in the context of its marketing campaign, it seems like a clever marketing ploy.

“We’ve put a lot of thought into what this app is for,” Pinch said.

Pinch added that Insta is not affiliated with Instagram, but said that Instaminos “has been really interested in the fact that we’re doing this.”

The brand has been “very receptive to us because they feel that it is a good opportunity to expand their platform, and we’re excited to get started,” Pint said.

Instams creators have also created an Instagram app called InstaCatch.

Pincans account for “a lot of the content that we get, and that we do,” he added.

“I think that we’ve done a really good job of finding that niche in the world.”

Instagram and other social networking sites are “not going to go away,” Pinches said, “so we’ve decided to build a service that is going to take some of those sites out of the marketplace.”

It is unclear if the new Instamoder service will replace Instamovie, which launched in 2014.

Instagram is not the only platform that is seeing a surge in popularity.

In the last year, Facebook has made a number of moves to diversify its platform.

Instagram has also been heavily criticized for its use of artificial intelligence and the way it has become a way for companies to monetize content and get advertising revenue.

Facebook recently announced it will be partnering with tech companies to create a new platform for businesses to monetise their content.