A law firm is suing a doctor who performed a botched procedure on her patient, who now has terminal cancer.

In an amicus brief filed Thursday in the federal trial, attorneys for Sarah Hurel, a longtime friend of her and an adviser to the woman, describe the incident as an “unfortunate incident” and call for an apology from the doctor.

In August, Hurela performed a spinal fusion on Elizabeth Taylor, the actress who died in 2010.

The surgeon who performed the procedure told Hureli that the woman had cancer and needed to undergo an aggressive treatment regimen, according to the brief.

The woman died two weeks later.

“The woman had been on a strict chemo regimen, and it was apparent that the cancer was progressing rapidly,” attorneys for the woman wrote in their brief.

“The patient’s health deteriorated rapidly and her condition deteriorated.

There was a clear need for immediate and immediate intervention.”

The woman’s family was also contacted by a private insurer seeking compensation, the brief said.

Hurell later left the firm.

The lawsuit claims the woman’s death was caused by Hurels mishandling of her cancer diagnosis, her negligence and the negligence of other doctors.

Hurell, a former New York City Fire Department officer, has been the subject of several investigations, including one in California.

The American College of Surgeons issued a statement Thursday saying that it has “found no credible evidence of a cover-up.”

“As a matter of medical ethics, the profession must protect the privacy of patients and their families,” it said.