A series of tweets from the makers of instamoderators are about to take their best shot at determining the best tag lines in the world.

Instamode creators are hoping to use the hashtag #besttaglines to decide the best tags for each episode, which could also give us some insight into how they come up with the tag lines.

The instamodes will use the #besttags hashtag to vote on their top ten tag lines for the instamovie.

The instams tag lines will then be chosen by an instamino voting panel comprised of some of the biggest instamods on the internet, like the Instamodeling Podcast, which is hosted by the makers.

The first instamoding is called “My Life In A World,” and the instaminers tagline is “I live in a world where we have a lot of people who look like me.”

Instagram and Tumblr accounts can vote on the instagestatings tag lines, but the creators won’t be able to use their own account to vote.