A new instamodes are set to open on the streets of London this month, bringing the city to life in a new way.

In a bid to celebrate the city’s centenary, the UK’s first public space called The New Tube is due to open in six weeks time, bringing a host of new features to Londoners. 

The new platform is set to replace the current Metro, which was installed in 1887 and remains open to all.

It will be the first public station in the world to offer a variety of features, including a full-screen viewing area, interactive map and a fully immersive cinema.

It’s also set to become the first Tube station to offer free Wi-Fi and free access to a live feed of the Tube’s stations.

The station will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with free access via the new platform.

The new tube will be one of the first stations to offer live feeds of all London’s Tube stations and also feature a free wi-fi and free-to-go mobile hotspot.

It is hoped the station will make Londoners feel more connected to the Tube and offer a way to get around the capital in a way that is more familiar.

“I think it’s going to be a wonderful place to visit,” London Mayor Sadiq Khan told the BBC.

“It’s the first station where you can walk up and see what’s happening on the platform, where there’s a full map of the station, it’s got a fully interactive cinema, you can see where the trains are going, what is happening in the Tube, how long the trains go.”

The station is due for opening at around 6pm (21:00 GMT) on Friday, and will be able to accommodate up to 150 passengers.

It will also be the third London station to be opened this year, following in the footsteps of the new St Pancras to Victoria line and the new Jubilee Line to London Crossrail.

A total of 13 stations will be launched in the UK this year:The new London station, which will be called the New Tube, will open at 6pm on Friday and will run until 12am on Saturday and Sunday.

There are plans to extend the station to other parts of the capital, and a number of other public spaces are planned to be installed around the city.

The UK has the highest number of pedestrians per head of any major city, with London being the second highest city in the country, behind only Tokyo.

The city also has the third highest number for motorbike users per head, behind Madrid.

The new Tube will be an extension of the existing Metropolitan line, which runs from London Bridge to Piccadilly Circus.

It is set in the shadow of the Victoria line, with the original station on the south side of the Piccador.

The Metrolink station, due to be launched on May 12, is due in the south of the city, and is expected to open as early as this month.

The South Bank is due open in April.

It was not immediately clear when other public space stations would be launched, or what features would be offered at each.