In the midst of a global pandemic, the AMA has seen a surge in the number of people asking to donate their time, as well as new apps that allow people to donate without a credit card or credit card number.

As of December 12, more than 8 million people had registered for a $1,000 donation via the new online donation app called, according to the AMA.

That was up from 4.5 million in the past few days, according a press release.

More than half of those registered donations came from the US, Canada and Mexico.

The AMA is asking the public to use the app to help spread the word about the pandemic.

“When it comes to the health of our members and patients, we have a lot of work to do, and it’s up to us to make sure we’re taking the right steps to keep people safe,” said AMA president and CEO Robert Laszewski.

“Our members are not just our health care professionals, but our patients, too.

That’s why we’re using this app to make a difference, and I hope we can all use the new tools we’re developing to help get the word out and get involved in the fight against this pandemic.”

The AMA says the app is not just an extension of the AMA, but it also helps spread awareness about the organization and its efforts to get its members vaccinated and prevent the spread of disease.

The app also offers a link to a “Health Benefits” section of the app that explains how to donate money to the organization.