How the New York Times Is Changing the Way You Read

New York City’s Times-Picayune newspaper has come under fire after it published nude photos of the magazine’s staff members and its former editor, sparking a backlash from many readers.The New
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How to turn your Instagram account into a mobile-first feed

Posted February 09, 2020 14:16:50If you’ve never used Instagram before, the app can be intimidating to new users.To start, it requires a new account, and users must create a photo profile before they can post to it.Instagram lets you choose from hundreds of photos, but it can also be used to quickly

How to spot a $10,000 iPhone 6 in the dark

The iPhone 6 is the best-selling smartphone in history, and one that has gone through several major changes since its introduction.Its biggest improvement over the previous generation has been its
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SABrina Horel, an Australian actress and model, was featured in a leaked instamode of a popular Korean game, “Lust for Life,” that appeared in the upcoming South Korean game “The
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