Instamodeling has long been a trend in Japan.

The new Naked selfie app is also getting a redesign.

The app, which launched in September, has the same basic concept of capturing photos of your body in a nude pose, but the app has been updated with a new layout and a new logo.

“We have made a lot of adjustments to make it more user-friendly,” said a spokeswoman for the company, who asked not to be named.

The redesign comes amid a backlash against the nude selfie app that surfaced in September.

The photos were taken by an unidentified user who said the app was giving him a bad reputation in Japan, causing his job prospects to suffer.

A number of companies, including MySketch, have announced they are changing their logos and icons to remove the offending words from their names and logos.

Naked selfies are still allowed in Japan for those who want to take them, but companies are not required to do so.