How to add ‘fake’ content to Instagram.

If you’re using Instagram, it’s a little tricky to add content you don’t want to see, like the photo of a dog, a dog walking in a field or an Instagram feed featuring a dog.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process of adding fake news, and we’ll also show you how to use our popular hashtags to tag the posts you want to avoid.


Find the ‘Fake News’ section on Instagram.

Once you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll have to go to the ‘Comments’ section and select ‘Edit’ to see the ‘tags instamp’ tag.

Once this is selected, you can type in a tag and select which category it belongs to.

If the tag you’re looking for doesn’t appear in the ‘Comment’ section, select ‘Delete’.


Select the ‘Filter’ section at the top of Instagram.

This will bring up a menu where you can select the ‘Edit Tag’ option.

This brings up a drop down menu where the first option will be ‘Filter by Category’.

From here, you’re going to select the category you want the posts tagged in. 3.

Enter your tag name and tag’s hashtag in the text box to the right of the ‘tag name’ box.

The ‘tags’ tag has a list of keywords, so we’re going and typing in ‘fakenews’.


You’re now done with the tagging process!

Once you’re done, you should be able to see posts tagged with the tag ‘fake’.


Use the ‘Add’ button to add a new post.

Once the post has been added, you will see a message telling you the ‘Popularity Rating’ (PPR) value, and the ‘Author’ field for the post.

You can enter in the name of the post you want added to the PPR column.


Finally, enter your post’s ‘Popular Tags’ (tags) into the ‘Tags’ section of Instagram to see which posts have the ‘fake-news’ tag in them.


Add the post to your feed, and you’ll see the tags list at the bottom of the screen.


Repeat this process for the next post, adding ‘fakeNews’ and ‘fake pics’.

You can check your ‘Populate Feed’ and filter out the posts with the ‘no-tags’ tags.


You should now be able tag posts tagged ‘fake.’


You may need to click on the ‘Follow’ button in order to see a feed that has ‘fake images’ or ‘fake photos’ in the title.


When you click on ‘follow’ in this feed, you may have to click again to see your posts tagged as ‘fake’, and then you can see them being added to your ‘Followers’.


Once ‘followed’ and the posts have been added to a feed, click on them to ‘Pin’ them.

You’ll see a notification about the post being pinned.


To see the posts ‘Populated Feed’, go to ‘feeds’ in Instagram and select the “Popular” feed.


Now you can use the tags you added earlier to tag your posts.

To tag a post, simply type ‘fake pictures’ into the box to display a popup that looks like this: 15.

You will now be given the option to either add the post or delete it.

To delete a post you have tagged, click the ‘Delete’ button on the popup.


When the post is deleted, you must re-tag the post using the tag that was added to Instagram before it was deleted.

To re-tags a post using a tag that wasn’t added, simply use the same tag and click ‘Re-Tag’.


If a post has multiple ‘tags’, you can delete them all using the ‘delete all’ option on the pop-up window.

If your feed has multiple feeds, just click on each of them and you can add a tag to all of them.


To view your posts ‘Top Influencers’, you will need to add all of your ‘top influencers’ to your feeds, then select the feeds that have the posts that you want tagged.


When viewing the feed for a post that you added a tag for, you could see it highlighted in the feed’s list as ‘top Influencers’.


You could add a post to a particular feed by tapping the ‘follow me’ button at the very bottom of this feed and selecting ‘Add to feed’.


If this feed has a large number of posts tagged, you might be seeing ‘Top Instagram Influencers’ tags pop up.

This is because these posts are being added from the ‘Top 10 Influencers list’.

You may have missed a post in