Posted February 09, 2020 14:16:50If you’ve never used Instagram before, the app can be intimidating to new users.

To start, it requires a new account, and users must create a photo profile before they can post to it.

Instagram lets you choose from hundreds of photos, but it can also be used to quickly share your photos or videos, and share content that you have uploaded to Instagram.

However, many people choose to use Instagram to get rid of clutter and keep their social media accounts separate.

Here are some ways to turn Instagram into a desktop-first experience for your Instagram.1.

Share your photos and videos to Instagram on desktop and mobileThe best way to share your Instagram photos and content to Instagram from your desktop is to open up your mobile account on a desktop or mobile device.

From the app, tap the + icon on the bottom left, then tap the Share icon to add a photo, video, or playlist to your account.

If you don’t see the + symbol, tap Share.

You can also share via text.2.

Share to Facebook from Instagram on your mobile deviceInstagram can be a useful way to quickly get your content out to friends and family.

If your account is open on Facebook, simply tap the Instagram icon on your desktop or smartphone.

If the icon isn’t there, tap Facebook.3.

Share from your Instagram to other social media appsInstagram is a great way to connect with other Instagram users and get their attention, as well as to show off your photos.

You will have to create an account, but many mobile apps allow you to create one and then access it from anywhere.

Tap the Instagram share icon on a mobile device, and then tap Share from a web browser.4.

Share via text and mobile messaging appsThe apps that let you share photos and video are popular on mobile, but there are other options to use them.

For example, you can share from your phone to Facebook or Instagram from a text message, or share via mobile messaging.

If Instagram doesn’t have a native text messaging app, you will have the option of using WhatsApp or Signal.

Here’s a quick guide on how to create a text messaging account.5.

Add a video to Instagram and share it to other appsWith video sharing apps like Vine, Facebook, and others, you are able to post to Instagram in full-screen mode.

This is an incredibly useful feature for quickly sharing content and quickly sharing to friends.

To use video sharing on Instagram, tap and hold on the video you want to share.

You’ll then be able to see it in the share menu.

Once you have the video in your Instagram, select the share button at the bottom of the screen and choose the option that says “share this video.”

You’ll be taken to the video on the web, where you can use the scroll wheel to zoom in or out, and tap the share icon at the top right to add it to your feed.6.

Share content directly from Instagram using your desktop, mobile, or bothThe next best way is to add the video to your Instagram feed on your PC.

If there’s a video player on your computer, tap on it and choose “Edit video” from the menu.

This will open a video editor where you will be able add the embed code for the video.

You also can use a dropdown menu to search for video you can add to your own feed.

If you’re on a Mac, you should know that the Instagram app is also available on the desktop, so you can upload a video directly to your desktop from the app.

To do this, open up the Instagram desktop app and tap “Edit profile.”

Select the Video option, then select the embed “url” box.

The video will be added to your computer.

To see the video, tap it and then hit “Play.”7.

Add your own content to your posts on InstagramThe next way to add your own video content to a post on Instagram is by tapping the “+” button at bottom right of your post.

From the app you will see a new video icon that you can tap to add to the post.

Tap that to add video.8.

Delete a post from InstagramInstagram has an option to delete a post you have posted, but you’ll have to click “Delete” from your post or else your post will be deleted.

To delete a video, simply click the “Delete video” button.

To add your video, you’ll then see a “Delete post” option at the end of the video editor.

If it doesn’t look like the video is working, you might need to adjust the video settings.

You can also add a custom URL for the post, which will take you to a specific video on Instagram.

You don’t have to edit your own videos in order to post on other social platforms.

The best way for most people to share their photos and/or videos is to simply add them