You can now access a range of popular Snapchat videos, including ones featuring adult actors in explicit situations.

In addition to the ones featured in the Snapchat app, there are also dozens of clips from YouTube and other sources.

Snapchat said it has been updating the app with new features since January, and that some of the clips can be accessed by simply going to Settings and tapping “Edit”.

Snapchat is not the only app that has recently added porn and nudity to its offerings.

Snapchat recently updated its app with a new “Videos” section that includes clips of people playing games, making out and more.

Instagram also launched a new Porn & Nudity section last year.

Instagram also has a new Snapchat feature called “Porn & Nude”, which allows users to see a list of photos of women with their breasts or genitals in a “nude” state.