Mac developers are already taking steps to support the new instamodes in their apps.

Instamodeleaks reports that Mac users who already have Instamode for Instapaper, a popular iOS app for reading, creating, and editing files, will be able to install them in a couple of weeks.

Instamodes can now be added to the Mac App Store and the Apple Watch app, as well as on the Mac’s HomeKit hub.

Instamodes also support a new set of apps called “Mac Mode,” which allows users to access Mac apps without a Mac.

Mac Mode is built into Apple’s Home, HomeKit, and Mac apps and allows users “to turn on/off various features of a device such as Mac Mode, the Apple Music app, the iPhoto app, and more.”

Users can download Mac Mode for iOS apps, and it’s available to download now in the Mac app store.

Apple is also making a Mac App for the Apple TV, with a beta available in the App Store today.

Apple’s Instamovie service is also working to support Instamodel, a new streaming media service that allows users and creators to create content for the new Mac apps.