In a post that seems to contradict his recent comments about the death of Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla, and the deaths of two people in his care, Redditor ImShinyGummy wrote, “Tattooed Harambe isnt a dead gorilla.

He hasnt even been killed yet.

So, why is it so sad to see people cry when they see him?

This is just another example of how our society treats animals.

I am proud of Haramb’s legacy, and I am saddened by his death.”

ImShinkyGumMY replied to the thread, “Why would you cry when a gorilla is dead?

Just because someone is sad doesn’t mean that the gorilla is a good person.

He is a bad person.

We all need to work harder to bring awareness to animal cruelty.

You have the power to make a difference and to get the word out.

It’s not only your body, but your voice that counts.

It is not only what you wear, but what you do.”

In a subsequent post, ImShinnyGumMy wrote, “[T]heres no way you can be sad when Harambe has just died.

Its like saying that he didnt deserve to die.

Harambe did deserve to live, but its not okay to feel sad because of the death.

Youve made Harambe a poster child for animal cruelty, youve made his death a symbol of animal cruelty in the eyes of our society.

So why cry?

Theres a reason, you have the voice to speak out.”

ImTinyGums reply read, “Its just that, im not the one that cares about Harambe.

Hes not important enough to you.

Youre the one who cares about your children and your family.

ImTinkyGums point was made in response to a post in which ImShineGum, the creator of the “Gumshoe” meme, stated that “the only thing Harambe deserves is to die, so I am not sad about his death at all.

But im sad because Harambe wasnt the only gorilla in the zoo that died.

Haramb wasnt a bad gorilla.

HaramB wasnt any of the gorillas in the gorilla colony that died in a zoo.

Harambs death was a result of people doing horrible things to animals.

And thats why Im not sad.” “

Its funny, Im not crying when Haramb dies,” ImShinkynGum said in a comment, “but when a zoo gorilla is killed, its sad.

And thats why Im not sad.”

A follow-up comment by ImShiniGum echoed ImShines words, “I dont cry when Harambs life is taken away, its not sad, im sad that he isnt remembered for what he was.

Im happy that Harambs family is okay and happy that he doesnt have to go to a zoo.”

While ImShynGums comment was deleted, ImTinklenGum’s was not.

ImShinnagum’s post, written as an opinion piece, stated, “The only reason Harambe lives is because of people like me.

I cant get upset when I see my children crying for a gorilla that they didnt care about and that they didn’t know about.”

In response to the post, Reddit user DankinPuppy wrote, “…

Its the same thing that people who do animal abuse get mad about.

Theres nothing to be sad about.

Its just sad that people dont realize that there are animals who dont deserve to be abused.

Im sad for the gorilla.

Its sad for all of us.”

In addition to ImShINYGum and ImShins post, other ImShignies commenters made similar points in response.

On another thread, another ImShindyGumMentor, ImSharmino, wrote, [I] dont cry about Haramb because he is dead, its because he wasnt important enough for me to care.

Im Sharmino is also the creator and main spokesperson of the ImShintyGums Harambe Meme.

[I don’t cry because] Harambe died in my hands.

Harambes death wasnt just an unfortunate accident.

It was an unfortunate tragedy, the result of animal abuse, and it is not acceptable for me or any other animal lover to cry when someone is killed.

I will not allow any other person to cry for another animal.

I dont cry for Harambe because of what he died, he died for all the other animals that he did not love.

He died to save the animals from abuse.

ImSharmini responded to ImSharmins post, “You cant cry for a dead person.

You dont have to.

But theres a difference between Harambe being a good man and a good gorilla.

You can cry for him because Haramb died for the animals, but thats not the same as