By Emily LautersteinA new online app by law firm Akin Gump and other attorneys allows lawyers to create legal documents and files online and on the phone, and lets them quickly and easily share their work.

The lawyers have been working on the project for about two years, after a number of lawsuits had been filed against the law firms by individuals and organizations that sued them over their practices.

The new app is called “Lawyer,” and it comes with an introductory tutorial and a list of the most popular legal papers and cases.

It also offers links to a litany of popular legal documents on the web, including the Supreme Court’s opinion in Fisher v.

University of Texas, and the Supreme Judicial Court’s decision in the McCutcheon v.

FEC case.

But for most of the time, there was no way for lawyers to do anything about the lawsuits.

The Supreme Court has ruled in a handful of cases that a lawyer may not be held accountable for mistakes in their legal work.

So there was nothing the lawyers could do about the litigation.

Now, though, the Supreme court has issued a new opinion that says that a “defendant” can be held liable for mistakes that are made in the course of their professional practice.

That means lawyers can now be held responsible for mistakes made in their work that have the effect of interfering with the performance of their official duties, the opinion states.

And, as a result, they have a right to be paid damages, the court said.

The law firm is now looking for lawyers who are willing to put their professional skills to the test, and to help people who are being sued by individuals or groups who are suing them.

“There are so many people who do have a lot of personal wealth and resources, and they can go out and try to get the legal help they need,” said the law firm’s head of litigation, James McKeown.

“We’re here to help them do that.”

The new website offers links and instructions to help lawyers get started, and offers a “Get Started Now” button that lets users download a sample of their work, and then use that file to create documents that they can post online.

The company is hoping to have the app up and running by early next year.

The app allows users to enter the name of their lawyer, and it will give them a number to call for a free consultation.

If the person is willing to use the website to share their legal documents, then the lawyer can use the number to make a call to the lawyer’s personal cell phone.

The firm is also looking for the people who want to make their legal docs public, and for those who want the files to be made public on the Internet.

It is also seeking legal assistance for individuals who are not lawyers.

If a person wants to help others who are also working on a lawsuit, the firm said they should contact their lawyer.

The website includes links to other legal resources and links to the firm’s website, where users can find out more about the law and help with their legal cases.

McKeown said that as more people join the legal profession, and more lawyers get into the practice of law, it is vital that they are prepared to use their legal skills in ways that can be useful to the public.

“It’s not the best use of their time to be doing something that is detrimental to others,” he said.

“But we have to be prepared to do that, and that’s what we’re doing.

We’re not doing it to be vindictive.”