Diy Instagram is set to make a return in 2016, but this time, its founder Fakar Gadji is set on being the next President of India. 

This news comes via Instagram India’s official page, which features a new post by Gadji titled, “I’m going to make India a nation of the Instagram”. 

The post, which has since been deleted, describes how Gadji will use Instagram to create an entire new nation and the people who will join his team. 

Gadji’s team includes: Ajay Mishra, former Chief Executive Officer of Flipkart and a member of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s inner circle Anil Madhav, founder and CEO of Uber India Anil Sharma, founder of Shazam Amit Jain, founder of Foursquare Shilpa Shetty, co-founder of Facebook Anil Kapoor, CEO and Founder Atlas Shrugged Ankit Vohra, Founder at Mumbai Digital Anupam Kher, Founder at Snapdeal Bharti Airtel Anil Mittal, Founder of Google Rishi Varma, CEO of Flipksy Anuj Goyal, CEO at Alipay Anil Vaidyanathan, CEO and Founder Harmony Media Anjali Bhattacharya, Founder and Chairman of  Bharat Forge Anurag Kashyap, CEO, Snap, and Co-Founder Nandini Shukla Anushka Sharma, Founder, Yahoo IndiaAnushree Mukesh Ambani, CEO & Co-founder of Youtube Bhupendra Yadav, CEO for Uber, Gurgaon Aishwarya Rai, CEO Uber India, BHELA, Founder, Alibaba Gopal Kaur, CEO Jawaharlal Nehru University Akshay Kumar, Chairman, FMCG Srikanth, CEO Jio, Aditya Birla, Founder  Kunal Bahl, CEO  Adnan Khosla, CEO Anand Menon, Founder Anil Shah, CEO Facebook Akeel Khan, Founder Instagram Shaun Hogan, Founder Google Mikesh Jain , Founder Aseem Trivedi, Founder Yahoo India Keshav Shah, Founder Facebook Vikas Verma, Founder Uber India Vivek Jaini, CEO Google Shanghai Naveen Kumar, Founder Snapdeal Pritam Shukhdev, CEO – Tata Vitaly Chidambaram, Chairman Anuj Gopal, Co-CEO Facebook Mujesh Goel, Founder WhatsApp Manish Mittal Shubha Bhatti, Co Founder – Yatra Yashwant Sinha, Co Chairman Anusha Ghosh, Co Partner Aditi Nayak, Co Executive Chairman  Ananth Kumar, Co Chairman Rajeev Sibal, CEO Vyapar Narayanan, Founder