In the United States, people love to shop.

They can spend hundreds of dollars for a pair of shoes at a department store, and even a couple of hundred dollars for clothes at a flea market.

But, according to a new report, those same consumers also love to pay a little extra for a place to stay.

The report, which analyzed hotel room rentals, found that in the cities of New York and San Francisco, people spend more on hotel stays than in the other cities, but that the price difference between the two cities is a small amount.

In New York, that translates to about $20 a night, while in San Francisco it’s about $50.

That difference, according the report, is because the cities have different economies.

New York is a city where there are fewer jobs, and a lot of the people who live in the city live in very small and middle-class neighborhoods.

San Francisco is a very big city with lots of people who are really wealthy.

They have to drive in from all over the city to get to their jobs and they’re not going to have the same kind of flexibility, so they end up paying more.

That means that, on average, people are paying more for their hotels in New Yorkers than in San Franciscans.

The New York Times notes that the report only looks at how much people spend at different hotels, and the numbers could be higher or lower than that.

But it’s certainly an interesting study.

For one, it tells us that people in cities like New York love to spend money at different places.

This could mean that, when it comes to spending money, people in the larger cities tend to get more bang for their buck.

This, in turn, could mean, in the long run, that people will have more options in their cities.