Aussie instamodeel company Instamodeels is making its debut on the New York Stock Exchange with a naked site.

The company’s founders, Ryan and Emily Zuckerman, have been on a mission to find the perfect place to live nude, in their home country of Australia.

Instamodels site, which they hope to launch in time for this summer’s Commonwealth Games, will feature live-streaming and interactive nude events in the nude, a concept that the couple hopes will lead to the emergence of more naked sites.

They’re hoping to expand their site to include nude events with the likes of a “nude club” or an event “where we can all meet up in the comfort of our own home,” the couple wrote in a post on the company’s website.

They also hope to create an online community for people to chat and share experiences like their own.

“I love to be able to share my own experiences and make people feel more comfortable with what I do,” the founders wrote.

“If you’re interested in doing a nude shoot, let’s start a conversation.”

Instamodes website, which includes a live stream, includes a nude event in a nude setting.