London-based nude instams brand Jealery is opening in the city centre on Thursday, after a five-month, $500,000 project.

The London-headquartered brand, which will have five locations in the capital, aims to offer a range of clothes and products that are “unconventional, comfortable and chic”.

The brand will be co-owned by three founders, with the third of the three taking on the brand’s name.

The project will see the brand expand to the city’s other boroughs and to new locations in New York, London and Tokyo.

“I want to bring a more contemporary sensibility to the naked instamartel, where clothes and objects have a sense of timelessness, and which are created to support our mission of inspiring the world to make a change in its own lives,” said Jealerie’s co-founder, Nick McKeown.

“We’re excited to be launching the London brand to the world and we’re excited about what we’ll do with the new locations.”

The company will offer its products at the retail stores, on the Internet and through the online marketplace, where customers can choose from its clothing, shoes, accessories and more.

The clothing will be available in sizes from under-15s to over-60s and the brand plans to start selling at major retail outlets on Thursday.

Jealeries first instamobile, which opened in the US in 2017, was inspired by the style and design of the likes of Stella McCartney and JCPenney.

Its London flagship store will be the company’s first in the UK.

The company is currently building a network of retail outlets in Europe and Asia.

The brand launched its first UK store in August this year.

“The UK is a wonderful country to be in and I am thrilled to be bringing this brand to London,” said McKeow.

The UK-based company plans to offer its clothing at its online stores, through its ecommerce platform, as well as through retail outlets.

It also plans to launch its first-ever store in the Middle East.

The site, which has been open for a couple of months, has been the subject of a number of controversy.

It was closed on March 1 following a court ruling in the UAE that ruled it was illegal for the site to be used as a recruitment platform for the Islamic State (IS).

The site was also closed in May, and will be reopened in the coming weeks.

A statement from Jealiers London office said the launch of the new UK store was a “positive milestone” in its journey to become a global brand.

This has been an incredible journey for all of us and we are so grateful for all the support we’ve received from our customers,” the statement said.